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Baseball play is governed by the Official Baseball Rules, "The Sporting News" edition, Centex Baseball rules and regulations, and MOYSC rules and regulations (see below). The Centex Baseball and MOYSC rules and regulations contain those exceptions deemed necessary for youth baseball.

CENTEX Rules and Regulations

Centex Baseball and Softball rules.

Baseball Scorecard Tutorial

View baseball scorecard tutorial.


We use Little League’s pitching rules in regards to pitch count.

Thunder and Lightning Policy

If thunder or lightning occurs near a game or practice at any time, the game will stop immediately and all players will be moved to a safe location. The game will not be resumed until 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder is heard, or the last bolt of lightning is seen. The umpire and/or league official will have sole discretion in determining the 30-minute period, and he may not be overruled by the managers of the teams playing the game. If the game cannot be resumed, it will be considered a suspended game and will be resumed at a later time.


Rules & Regulations

Concussions in Youth Athletes

The Texas law is found at Sections 38.151 through 38.160 of the Texas Code.  (Tex. Educ. Code Ann. §§ 38.151 through 38.160)[1].  These sections of the Texas law are applicable to interscholastic activity and the University Interscholastic League and requires that school districts: appoint concussion oversight teams to establish return-to-play protocols; require that students may not participate in an activity during a school year until their parent/guardian signs and returns a form acknowledging receipt of concussion information; and requires a student be immediately removed from the activity by a coach, a physician, a licensed health care provider or parent/guardian, if a concussion is suspected.  The student may not return to play until evaluated by a medical professional, and the student has completed return-to-play protocols, has written clearance from the medical provider and the parent has signed a consent form allowing them to return to play.  A coach may not authorize a student’s return to play.  Coaches are required to get concussion training once every two years.

Sections 38.151 through 38.160 are available on online at: (control /f and search for concussion)

The text of HOB 961 is available online at:

The following website offers additional information regarding Texas concussion law:

[1]  Texas H.B. 961 amended §38.154 and §38.158 to provide that a school nurse may request to be a member of the school’s concussion oversight team and must undergo training every two years.  The amendments became effective in June 2019.

MOYSC Walk-Up Music Policy

Walk-Up and Pre-Game music can be fun for the team and provide a lot of energy for the game.  Below is MOYSC's policy about music at the complex


  • Volume should be at a level that does not distract other fields at the complex
  • Walk-Up music needs to be turned off once the player has entered the batter's box and must remain off until the play is dead.
  • Music needs to be at PG level in regards to language and content