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Baseball Age Eligibiiity Rule Change

By Jeremy Covert, 12/05/18, 7:00PM CST


On December 4, 2018, the MOYSC board held a special meeting to consider changes to discuss and vote on an issue in regards to Age Eligibility cutoff date for baseball players. After learning of a decision made by Centex, the program that organizes our all-stars tournaments, the MOYSC board voted to follow the age cutoff date for baseball players as used by Centex, which is April 30th, beginning in Spring 2019. This will change the age cutoff that was followed for this previous fall. For the upcoming Spring Season, parents will have a choice as to continue to play their child up OR return to the division in which the new April 30th age cut off would allow.


Previously the age cutoff age was changed to August 31st due to PONY and Little League eligibility. MOYSC Communicated a potential rule change in the Fall of 2017, affecting the age cutoff, that changed the date from April 30th to August 31st. The MOYSC felt this was becoming the universal baseball age cutoff. The MOYSC board adopted a plan to roll out the change in phases, with it being fully implemented in the Fall of 2018. MOYSC would start the process in Fall 2018 so that players had time to adapt to the new age cutoff before the Spring 2019 season began.


With guidance from Centex directors, as to the direction Centex was heading in regard to the age eligibility date, the MOYSC board was confident that the rule change that was to be implemented for Spring 2019 was the correct move. Recently Centex leagues held a vote on the age cutoff issue, with the final decision to go back to the April 30th cutoff date.  See break down of birthdates per age division for the Spring season under the League Play page.


Nothing about this process was easy. From the time the original decision was made in Fall 2017, through the roll-out period, and then through final implementation, your board of directors, commissioners, and coaches spent many hours discussing, researching, debating and deliberating the right move for our league. However, as a result of the recent vote by Centex, we have voted to follow the Centex rule, so that our players remain on a level playing field with their competition in the Centex All-Star program.


As a result of our vote on December 4, 2018, future changes of age eligibility will follow the Centex rule.