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By Bryan Moore, 03/03/23, 8:15AM CST



The first row that is up against the two softball fields is a ONE-WAY LANE ONLY. It starts at the 1626 side of the row and goes towards the baseball fields. Both rows are designed to be parked at a diagonal on both sides. If done so correctly, it will maximize the number of cars we can have on our lot. We will have a busy year with over 100 teams this season, so let's all do our part to help accommodate. The speed limit at the complex is always 5 MPH.

We also have reserved spots for Reese Ramirez and her family between the two softball fields. The Cardwell family has a spot by the red softball cages. The board members' parking area is reserved for our Board members only. These spots are not up for grabs at any time, unless they are yours, or unless you are a board member. Inside the board member parking area will also be a reserved spot for Tripp Childress and his family. So for our board members, I ask the same for y’all to make sure their spot is always open and available for them.