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MOYSC Culture

By Bryan Moore, 03/01/23, 8:15AM CST


MOYSC Culture-

At Manchaca, our main focus is to make sure we provide our kids with a positive environment that they are able to grow as athletes and as kids. We are a complex that adheres to the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) mentality on lifting up our kids. We should all be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. This includes how we as parents and coaches act at the complex. Let's be aware of how we interact with coaches, umpires, parents/fans, and of course our kids. Our children are put under enough stress growing up in today's society. The last thing they need is anyone yelling at them to do this or that while they are playing a game with their peers. Cheer them on with class, no matter if they strike out or hit a home run.

We are a ZERO TOLERANCE league, and this will act as your warning.

It is hard to get parents to step up and coach, but even harder to find umpires. Coaches and umpires are human and will make mistakes. Please, remember that our kids are watching us. Let's make sure to set a good example of how to act. If you have a concern, please reach out to your coach. In most cases, it is always best to follow the 24-hour rule. Sleep on it, and reach out the next day. The same goes for our coaches' communication with their parents, and their communication with our umpires. It is mandatory for all coaches to read our rules for the league in which they are in. I would encourage parents to read them as well, as different age groups have different rules. Please read all our complex rules and guidelines at That will help us as parents understand why our coaches do this or that a certain way. Also will help with understanding the rule changes from an umpiring standpoint. Not every coach is going to provide you with the same experience as you might have had in seasons past. As we all know in life, we do not always get the teacher, boss, etc that we have envisioned. If we cannot teach our kids how to deal with diversity, they will struggle with how to deal with adversity later in life.

Other rules that we have to talk about every season are:
No pets allowed, not even your cute pet.
No smoking, vaping, or consuming alcohol.
No cussing or derogatory language.

- Bryan Moore