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Player Evaluations and Spring Registration

By Jennifer Fey, 01/20/23, 9:00PM CST


Reminder that we are less than 5 days from resignation closing and starting player evaluations.  Make sure that you have registered as some are maxing out on players able to participate this spring.  An email went out tonight to those registered with more details on dates and times for player evaluations.  Please check your inbox for more information.  We need everyone participating to balance the teams to the best of our abilities.  If you have any question please reach out to a board member or commissioner.  

Needing coaches!!!

We are still needing coaching in our younger age groups (Fun Ball, Tball Minors and Majors in both Baseball and Softball).  This is a very fun and rewarding all at the same time.  To make a difference in these kids lives and give them a positive environment to learn to love the game is one of a kind.  There are some benefits to head coaching team and scheduling practice when your schedule is crazy is just one of them.  If you have multiple kids I highly recommend it.  At this age it is not the technical details that are most important it is about being on a team and working with others.  Do they all want to bat all the time, of course now lets show then what else is involved with the game and make it fun all at the same time.  I can say that years ago I never would have guessed that I would be coaching a team and especially a head coach.  Please feel free to reach out to myself, a commissioner or board member for any questions you may have or if you are interested in stepping up to head coach a team this spring.  I would love to talk to you more about what each age is about and what is involved.  

I too was hesitant to do it the first time but I love being a part of these kids lives each and every season.

 We cannot form teams for the younger age groups until we have more people step up to head coach.

Player Evaluations for 8U (Coach Pitch) and Older

We are excited to host player evaluations again this season.  (January 27th and  28th depended on age)  We are hoping for some sunshine and no sleet this year.  

We have grown so much that we will have 12U player evaluations on Friday night and all others on Sat.  Our largest league will have up to 216 players attending so that will be 8 hours of commitment for our coaches and work crew.  Please be patient as we get everyone taken care of.  Again this year we will have each player sign up for a time slot that works best for them .  Please be respectful and understanding as we will be doing our best to run on time.  You can help out by showing up on time, or even a bit early to warm up, for your time slot.  Once players have completed their section they are free to leave for the day.  Your head coach will be contacting you once teams are formed through the draft process, the first week in Feb.  Please use the link below to complete your player evaluation selection.

Teams and Player Spots

This season we are expecting to have over 100 teams with over 1200 players complex wide.  We want to remind everyone that while we do our best to provide a balanced team format for a more competitive season we are NOT ABLE TO HONOR coach or player requests during the spring for ALL AGES 8U and ABOVE.  We want this to be a time where the games are competitive and more evenly matched.  Nobody will learn anything by beating another team 30-0 every game and for the team that is losing is very defeating for all the players.  We want the same number of top talent players and new players on each team.  Those that have more experience can learn by helping teach and be a role model for the other players.  The new players can look up to the experienced players and strive to become a better player because of it.  This is a win win for everyone.