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Thunder and Lightning Policy (Reminder)

By Jeremy Covert, 02/11/20, 4:15PM CST


As we start a new season, just a reminder about our thunder and lightning policy as outlined in our rules document.

If thunder or lightning occurs near a game or practice at any time, the game will stop immediately and all players will be moved to a safe location. The game will not be resumed until 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder is heard, or the last bolt of lightning is seen. The umpire and/or league official will have sole discretion in determining the 30-minute period, and he may not be overruled by the managers of the teams playing the game. If the game cannot be resumed, it will be considered a suspended game and will be resumed at a later time.

Safety of our players, families, coaches and umpires are our priority.

Jeremy Covert