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Teams To Be Formed This Week

By Mark Kelnar, 02/03/20, 11:15AM CST


Thank you all for making Friday and Saturday player evaluations so much fun.  Each year we get better and will improve a few things next year.  Overall a success and will help coaches build teams that are closely balanced and competitive to give the kids the best growth experience possible this spring season.

Player evals continue tonight for Pony 14u ages, baseball and softball.

Coaches will also gather and select teams this week.  Please be patient while this happens but expect to hear from your team this week.

Things to do as you wait:

  • Download the SE mobile app to your device
  • Add guardians to each of your player accounts in the SE app
  • Look for the team to show up in your mobile SE app
  • Look for an introduction in team chat or messages from your coach in the SE app
  • Turn on notifications for the SE app.  Make sure nothing is muted
  • Connect the SE schedule to your calendar app (apple, google, ical)

Some of these instructions can be found on our FAQs page.